Like Safe-list very much.
Low and very quick payout. That's what members like.
Thea Penders  member: theike11

Safe-list Paidlinks is a great ptc site with honest administration.
I've got paid three times here and always within hours after the request.
Michel PERRIER from France
member: michel63220 Michel's Website

sale-list pays you on time in quick time. I wish all sites were like this. They really care. member: shady
This is one of the best sites these days. They have paid me. The payment has been almost instant Just within few minutes. I got my money I requested in my alertpay/payza account. Thanks admin
Hello Admin,
I have already received 2 payments from safe-list, always very quickly,
thank you, mammi
3 words to describe safe-list.com paid links. Honest, Legit
, It's one of the best sites around for me.
Nor Azmi Rahmat

Hello, admin.
I can testify that I have got paid once in your site and it was really quickly - within the same day. Thanks for your attitude towards members.
Respectfully, Shelly B.
I was very happy with how prompt you paid.. thank you, David
I got paid $ 2.00 and it was so quick right after I requested payment i got the email letting me know I was paid.
Thanks- Loni
Hi all,
I joined in Safe-List.com long ago.This is an awesome site.
I got paid each time almost instantly,no any fees. The admin is very very honest & trusted.It's right to come here!
Regards! Xiaoy Li
Hello, I have been a member of Safe-list Paid Links for a while now, but only just reached the minimum payout.

Unlike most PTC programs online, I was paid VERY quickly after requesting payment, and I'm very happy with the service.
I would urge all members to support Safe-list Paid Links and make it a force on the web.
Ken Christie http://bit.ly/frobotX
Hi,  I am the member of the safelist and I just got my first payment 2 days ago and it was very smoothly and quickly by the admin.
so thank you very much and looking forward for more payment in future. Very very good response from admin.
Thanks again
swati(user ID deempal)
Hello, Safe-List.com has always paid me every time I have requested Payment. They are to be trusted and respected.
Doug Allitt. Owner and Admin of:

Doug Allitt - Personal Empowerment Advocate
safe-list is a highly recommended site
I have received my payment very fast, in less than 5 minutes.
i'm so happy with safe-list paidlinks.
Member anselmo http://www.nuevoforoptc.com

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